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Current Topics

New Project: Fachdialog Zivile Sicherheit

During the next three years, the CSS will be organising the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s (BMBF) nationwide research dialogue on civil security („Fachdialog zivile Sicherheit“), including conferences, workshops, outreach activities and a Research Consultation Board of senior scholars.  We are looking forward to an exciting major project at the heart of the research community in our field.  

Project leaders are Dr. Nicholas Eschenbruch as administrative head of the project and Prof. Stefan Kaufmann on the research side.


New Project: RESIBES - Resilience through networks of spontaneous volunteers for emergency and crisis response

Various emergencies have revealed both citizens' willingness to help as well as challenges related to the coordination of these contributions. The RESIBES project aims to support the establishing of a robust digital and volunteer network that can be activated rapidly, in a coordinated manner, in case of emergencies and crises.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, Dr. Jens Hälterlein and Dr. Linda Madsen participate in this BMBF funded project on behalf of the University of Freiburg's Centre for Security and Society.

Surveillance as a mode of governance

Workshop organized in cooperation with The University of Adelaide

Surveillance has been long used for administering, managing and controlling populations. This has effects both on the individuals subjected to surveillance as well as on society and on the organisations carrying out surveillance practices. During the workshop, we will explore current surveillance practices focusing particularly but not exclusively on questions of agency, migration and power structures.

Organisation: Dr. Elisa Orrù (CSS), Dr. Tiziana Torresi (University of
Talks: Sabrina Ellebrecht, Sebastian Volkmann, Dr. Tiziana Torresi


Informatik 2016:
Recht und Technik

Paper presentation at the Informatik 2016 workshop "Recht und Technik: Datenschutz im Diskurs"

Sebastian Volkmann, research staff at the Centre for Security and Society, presented a paper on "Digitale Tarnkappe: Anonymisierung in Videoaufnahmen" at the Informatik 2016 conference in Klagenfurt. The multidisciplinary paper is co-authored by Linus Feiten, Christian Zimmermann, Sebastian Sester, Laura Wehle and Bernd Becker. It presents a concept for trustworthy, privacy respecting video surveillance applications. 

The workshop aims at bringing together scholars working on privacy and data protection aspects, especially from a law and IT point of view. 




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