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New Project: NeTIRail-INFRA

The Needs Tailored Interoperable Railway project (NeTIRail-INFRA) focuses on infrastructure challenges affecting a large number of people and a large geographical portion of Europe. The intended evaluations encompass ethical, juridical and societal impacts and address questions of social justice, freedom and security. 

Elisa Orrù will participate in the EU Horizon 2020 research project on behalf of the University of Freiburg's Centre for Security and Society

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New Administrative Manager

As of March 1st, Dr. Nicholas Eschenbruch has taken over as the Centre's new administrative manager. A cultural anthropologist and historian by training, he was most recently involved in the foundation of University College Freiburg as its first academic director.



New Rooms and Address

The Centre has moved to new offices at Werthmannstrasse 15. Most Centre researchers and all admin staff now share offices at a single site, on a modern office floor close to the city centre, with a remarkable view of the surrounding Black Forest hills. We expect this move to facilitate the Centre's transdisciplinary research further and to highlight its standing within the university.

CPDP 2016

Presentation at the CPDP 2016

Elisa Orrù, research staff at the Centre for Security and Society, presents on "Privacy by Design: a critical discussion based on examples from public transport and surveillance technologies" at the CPDP International conference in Brussels.

CPDP is a non-profit platform originally founded in 2007 and has now grown into a platform carried by 20 academic centers of excellence from the EU, the US and beyond.

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